eLearning Modules

Buying your first home

This module will give you the information you might need to consider when buying your first property.

Property settlement

Going through a separation or divorce, can have a big impact on your wealth. This module will provide basic information regarding property settlement.

Super as an investment

This module will help you understand the role of superannuation as an investment and give you some tips for boosting your super.

Insurance through super

This module will help you understand insurance policy documents and the importance of disclosure.

Teaching kids about money

Managing money is one of our most important life skills. This module will show you how to start teaching children this skill.

Budgeting tips

This module will explain some good money habits to get you on track with your budget.

Salary sacrificing to super

Salary sacrificing to superannuation could help to build your super in a tax-effective way. This module will take you through the basics.

Social security

Social security benefits are available to eligible individuals to help support them in retirement. This module provides general information on eligibility for Age Pensions under means testing.

Estate planning

This module will help you understand the importance of estate planning as part of your overall financial plan.

Navigate your super journey

This module will give you an overview of COMBINED SUPER and the importance of super in your retirement planning.

Spouse super contributions

This module will take you through the basics of how spouse contributions could benefit you and your spouse.